The All New and Shiny Look of TaskQue Is Out Now!


TaskQue’s New Look is Cleaner with Improved Functionality and Better Features

TaskQue offers an improved look so that you can go about your work easily and boost your productivity.

We are delighted to introduce an improved dashboard of TaskQue through the inclusion of a new set of features and advancement of existing features. These features will offer you enhanced functionality, usability, more clarity, thereby making it easier for you to manage your tasks more efficiently. Through this makeover, the interface is now more clean and intuitive.

We hope that you’ll love the enhanced version as it will save you even more time and make your whole team more productive. The new features are centered around making the entire user experience better.

Here is a list of changes made and features added, that are packed in this release of TaskQue.


  1.    Managing Workspaces is more accessible left pane - TaskQue Blog

In this build, we have made Workspaces more accessible by reducing the number of clicks by giving options of manage workspace and view summary. It will give you more control over workspaces while increasing usability.

  1.    Searching Projects in now Easier

There is a new search projects option in the left pane that allows you to search for the specific project you’re working on thereby allowing you to manage your time more efficiently.

  1. Giving You More Control over Projects

The two new options of manage projects and view summary have been added in the project actions menu thereby reducing the number of clicks to access these options.


Middle pane - TaskQue Blog4.   Hiding/Revealing the Left Pane

There is a menu button at the top left corner of the middle pane that allows you to hide/reveal the left pane, which has a menu that allows you to manage Workspaces and Projects. This allows you to free up space to give the dashboard a cleaner look.


  1.    Frequently Used Task Filters – Quick Filters

Frequently used filters that a user uses have been added in the quick filters to make the task filtration process snappier enabling you to be become more efficient.  


  1.    Updated the Task Details Pane to Perform Quick Actionsright pane - TaskQue Blog

We have updated the right pane to give you a better view of details related to a specific task with a variety of actions to perform. A menu button allows you to perform quick actions on a task (mark complete, delete, archive, unarchive, force assign, reopen and request response) depending on the current status of the task. This will make task management easier and quicker. This advancement has eliminated the need for going to task list every time you need to perform a specific action.

  1.    Personalized Avatars

Skimming through tasks is now much easier. You can add your own unique avatar, which will give you a more personalized feel and will make task assignee identification easier. You can change your avatar in “Account Settings”.

  1. Revamped Discussion Board

Keeping in mind the need for an easy and intuitive user experience, we have redesigned the discussion board in a way that enables you to simultaneously view the list of all discussions in the middle pane and contents of a selected discussion in the right pane.

The road to improving and enhancing performance never ends, that’s why we’re not ending our journey here and we’ll continue to march towards further enriching your experience and adding value to your stay with us by incorporating incremental enhancements in TaskQue. So stay tuned for more action, we’ll be right back!