6 Powerful Ways Team Building Activities Can Enhance Your Productivity


Imagine being a manager of a team where every team member is going in a different direction. They don’t trust each other, have personality conflicts and don’t go well with each other. Unclear roles and fuzzy vision create even more confusion among your team members.

How can you bring all your team members on the same page and keep them united to achieve the common goal under such circumstances? The best way to do that is to organize team building activities that can improve your employee problem-solving skills and foster teamwork.

In this article, you will learn about highly effective ways in which team building activities positively influencers your team’s productivity.

1. Happy and Engaged Employees

According to Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace report, Only 15% of employees are engaged in the workplace. Low employee engagement costs businesses anywhere from $450 to 500 billion every year, according to a study on workplace engagement.

Moreover, companies that have a highly engaged workforce are 17% more productive than companies with a disengaged workforce. There are many reasons why employees are unhappy and unengaged at work. Some of them are given below.

  • They don’t love what they do
  • Their work is not appreciated and recognized
  • They are not involved and empowered
  • Their salary is low
  • No career growth opportunities

Provide your employees with a conclusive environment which encourages them to show their skills and talent. By organizing team building activities, you can keep them engaged and make them feel that they are part of the community.

2. Improves Motivation

Playing these team building games improves employee motivation. It also gives them some breathing space to think outside of work. These team building games make your employees feel good about themselves and boost their confidence not only in their abilities but also in the abilities of their team members. It also sends positive signals to employees that businesses value them and are investing in their personal and professional growth.

3. Enhances Collaboration

Talent can win you games but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.”—Michael Jordan

Team building activities encourage people to work as a team instead of an individual thus, encouraging teamwork and collaboration. TaskQue’s Group feature is a great example in this regard. It batches together similar tasks and assigns them to a group. The more employees trust each other and understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses, the better they will be able to collaborate.

For instance, problem-solving activities such as Scavenger Hunt and Escape the room forces you to work in coordination with your team members to find hidden items in the room. Since every item gives you a hint which can help you find remaining items, you must take one step at a time.

4. Improved Communication

Team building exercises also pave the way for building long term relationships among team members. In some team building activities, they are asked to communicate with different team members. When every team member communicating with one another, you are less likely to dwindle from your goal and chances of misunderstanding is minimized. To effectively communicate with different team members located in different regions of the world, you can use TaskQue’s communication features such as Discussion and Discussion Minutes.

5. Fosters Creativity

In today’s highly competitive business world, you will have to innovate and come up with creative ideas to thrive consistently. Unfortunately, it is not easy to come up with new ideas every time. You will have to give your employees an environment which fosters their creativity and encourage them to brainstorm and share new ideas.

There are some leadership activities that force you to think out of the box and look at a problem from different perspectives. This will give your grey cells a workout and force you to think differently. This encourages you to use your imagination and come up with a creative solution to a sophisticated problem.

6. Positive Reinforcement

Lack of recognition and appreciation is one of the biggest reasons why employees quit their job and are not satisfied with their work. Incorporating recognition and appreciation in your team-building exercises can send a strong message to your employees that their efforts are not going to waste and employers care about their work. When employees realize this, this encourages them to give their best shot.

Highlight the achievements of your employees and appreciate their efforts. This will make them feel that their contribution is being valued. This will also encourage other team members to perform well to get the same recognition and reward. This will create an environment of healthy competition where every team member is trying to outdo one another in a quest to achieve better results.

Which team building activities do you perform? Has it enhanced your team’s productivity? Let us know in the comments section below.