Make Your Way to the Heart of Efficient Team Building with These Interesting Tactics


Cultivating the perfect environment in the workplace can become quite a challenge. When leaders realize the importance of effective team building, they are able to grow teams exponentially, making them some of the most highly anticipated and socially adept teams in the organization. Several workplaces such as Google, Amazon, HubSpot and many others have set inspiring examples. They have educated the world in diverse ways. After all, the team you choose to work with defines who you are. Helen Keller once said,

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”

Today, we are living in an era where society is shrouded in the world of smart devices, and people are more involved in their virtual lives than literal ones. Teamwork and work culture have narrowed down to virtual software such as Slack, Skype, Google Hangouts etc. It has immensely curtailed the opportunity for people to interact vis-a-vis with each other, making them startlingly inactive. Besides, being inefficient at communication sends the entire idea of working together as a team down the drain.

If you believe your team lacks motivation in collaborative working, here are some interesting team building tactics which can help you as a leader to manifest the right team culture within the organization.

1) Enhance Emotional IQ & Social Sensitivity

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So, the next time you are about to onboard a new team member, make sure to scrutinize if your chosen employee demonstrates social sensitivity and exhibits an evolved emotional awareness. Social sensitivity and emotional IQ are equally important because they both allow employees to keep their emotions in check, as well as those of others around them. Emotional IQ also attunes itself to our body gestures and facial expressions. By interpreting other people’s emotional states, a person or a leader can significantly contribute to fueling up effective team building and gradually transform the business into a thriving success.

2) Introduce Analytical Thinkers as Key Players in The Team

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As an entrepreneur or a leader in a specific firm, you’re probably “The Guy” who gets the big picture. All your employees, including your teammates, are looking towards you to guide them through the labyrinth. Now, you certainly don’t want to surround yourself with people who either keep to themselves or jabber needlessly, do you? According to a study conducted by Carnegie Mellon University, it is important to have analytical thinkers as key players on your team. But why are analytical thinkers so important? It’s because they are detail-oriented. They critically analyze situations before making a major decision. They micromanage everything and help you achieve your goals efficiently.

3) Introduce Give-aways and Incentivize Success

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Rewarding team members who actively perform at their duties encourages other employees to make efforts in an equivalent manner.  It is one of the most interesting team building activities because it is less time-consuming and more economical. Plus, it is a great motivator for all those looking forward to performing exceptionally. By incentivizing success within the workplace, you prepare the whole team to be collectively competitive; yet at the same time allowing them to show their strength and intellect to others. When the whole team is fueled to perform, they ultimately become beneficial for the entire unit.

4) Change Your Organizational Vernacular

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One of the simplest and easiest ways of promoting effective team building is to change the vernacular of your conversation. When you as a leader introduce a few simple words in your daily verbiage, you will simply be amazed to learn what an impactful difference you are able to create within your workforce. Make employees feel that they are working with you instead of working for you. While anyone can become a boss, to become a great leader requires a lot of arduous work and decency. Only great leaders can transform the atmosphere of their workplace by creating synergy among all employees equally.

5) Establish Communication During Non-Work Hours

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A research from MIT indicates that team leaders who establish communication between employees during nonworking hours are more likely to see success than those that don’t. When people talk about their values to each other, discuss and share ideas with each other, and show their true selves, leaders become capable of identifying countless opportunities to bring out the best in their employees. There are several ways to hold up communes where teams can readily bond with each other and be effective.

6) Take Teams on Small Excursion Trips

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While working in an organization, people often feel as if they are captives, locked away in a dungeon for 9 hours straight. Such thoughts can really bring the team morale down immensely. You as a leader don’t want that to happen now, do you? A great leader will always find a way to give his teammates space to blow off steam. One of the best ways of doing it is to take teams on small excursion trips, perhaps to a park or a nearby cafe. When you give them a chance to express themselves, you learn a lot of things about them, which gives you an ability to polish them the way you find suitable for them.

7) Onboard a Mix of Introverts & Extroverts

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People usually think that introverts aren’t the right choice for employment as they are too quiet or too absorbed in their own worlds. They are actually individual performers who are seen or judged as people who aren’t good at cultivating relationships, required for business growth. To be honest, it is not the complete picture. As a great leader, one interesting way of team building is to add people having unique qualities. Some introverts may be silent, but they are very thoughtful. Some are observant while others are quite self-aware. Their first impression might not be as classy as perceived, but they are undeniably beneficial for your business and can greatly contribute to enhancing the status of your team.

Wrapping it Up

When you encourage your employees to commemorate team building activities among themselves, they are more likely observed making due contributions towards enhancing the overall business growth. Great teams aren’t formed in a snap, they require consistent leadership.

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  1. If you think that”s hard work, try living in a world where you”re labeled disordered because of your innate personality, where people are always encouraging” you to become something different. In the western cultures, extroverts are valued, introverts are not, even though many famous people have been introverts. Some cultures value introverts and introspection more. It”s great to have validation that it”s ok to be introverted, there”s room for all of us on the spectrum.

    • Hello Dawnie,

      I am glad that you took out time to go through our article and present your opinion on how introverts/extroverts are different from each other. Highly appreciate it 🙂

      If you think people are trying to suppress you for who you are, it’s better to change the people around you instead of yourself. You are who you are and you are special in your own way.

      Besides, being an introvert doesn’t only mean that you should seclude yourself in a corner. I know it can be a bit of a daunting task, but if you find the right people to open up to, you can exponentially grow with your business.

  2. Hi Ashad Ubaid,
    It was a good content and definitely worth reading. Yes, I totally agree with you that a healthy and positive atmosphere in the workplace is very important to keep the employees motivated. Well, employees are the biggest assets of any organization, so it is important to ensure that they are happy with their work.

  3. Hi Dawnie, my two coins here at the end what matters most to the companies/organization is that How much value their presence is bringing up to the table. Personality traits are good for self awareness and understanding for capitalizing own strength.