Tips for Increasing Instagram Engagement in 2022


Engagement is a metric that Instagram uses to decide where on your followers’ feed should your content appear. If your followers consistently like and comment on your posts, Instagram will get the signal that they need more of your content, resulting in your posts being prioritized on their feeds. Instagram engagement is measured by various metrics, including comments, shares, likes, saves, mentions, branded hashtags, click-throughs, followers, and growth.

High engagement means your content is positively impacting your audience. Since strong engagement is key to Instagram’s algorithm, the more engagement you get, the higher the chances of your content being boosted in the feed, reaching more people, and attracting more attention. This increases brand awareness and drives more traffic to your website. This article discusses the tips for increasing Instagram engagement in 2022.

1. Measure your engagement rate

Your Instagram engagement rate tells you how many people have interacted with your posts. It helps you identify the graphics, messages, and topics that interest your followers the most. This will enable you to create content that your audience will love, increasing engagement. High engagement rates also serve as social proof that you attract loyal customers. Consider buying real Instagram likes, such as famoid likes, to boost your engagement rate.

2. Know your audience

Knowing your Instagram audience helps you identify their needs and interests to create content that genuinely appeals to them, increasing engagement. You can access audience statistics through Instagram insights by going to the audience tab and finding your follower demographics, including gender and age, and top countries and cities. When using the social media dashboard, go to the Reports tab to see your audience data such as age range, gender, country, city, and language.

3. Leverage carousels

Carousels are used mainly for storytelling. Their format allows you to pick, upload, and post up to 10 images, text banners, and videos per post. Carousels increase engagement thanks to the multiple videos and images users interact with. To drive engagement with carousels, make the first image attractive, share before and after content, share a tutorial, step-by-step process, add a swipe left instruction in the caption, and experiment with carousels.

If your carousel is highly visual, the post can boost your reach, and when people comment, share, save, or like your post, your carousel gains the potential to appear in Instagram’s discover section. When your excellently done carousel post goes beyond your follower base, people who love it may share it on their Insta stories, helping your brand get in front of a new, relevant audience.

4. Use Instagram reels

Reels are short-form video streams with visual effects, audio, and creative tools to improve innovation while maintaining relevancy. For your reels to grab your audience’s attention, ensure they’re precise and crisp so that the intended message reaches the target audience. Instagram introduced a reel dedicated tab to improve visibility. Since you may not be visible to people who don’t follow you, you can increase your discoverability chances by posting your reels on a dedicated space in Explore.

5. Pair giveaways with influencers

Instagram giveaways or contests can help grow your following 70% quicker in three months than when you don’t host giveaways. However, engaging an influencer for the giveaway or contest further widens your reach. Considering that Instagram is the preferred influencer marketing platform and most consumers rely on influencer recommendations, combining it with your giveaways increases engagement and boosts your chances of success.

6. Listen to your audience

Leverage brand ambassador programs for consistent, loyal customer feedback to better your chances of interacting with your target audience and accelerate your loyal fan base growth. Asking questions about your brand and listening to your audience makes them feel involved and provides valuable insights regarding your product or service. Polling your audience gets them to interact with your brand and offers you immediate feedback that you can use to improve your Instagram marketing strategy.

7. Use relevant Instagram hashtags

Using hashtags on your Instagram posts enables you to categorize your posts, attract followers to a specific niche, increase engagement, reach your target audience and strengthen brand image. Using relevant hashtags appropriately increases brand exposure and discovery.

Use best practices for Instagram hashtag best practices include using hashtags in your first comment, finding the right hashtags for your brand, following relevant hashtags, using branded hashtags, maintaining a hashtag list for easy access, and adding hashtags in your Insta stories. There are different hashtag types that brands can use depending on what they want to achieve.


Instagram engagement is essential to increasing brand exposure, discoverability, and growth. Use these tips to grow your Instagram profile in 2022.