Here is How You Can Throw Your to-do list Out the Window and be More Productive

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There is an incessant debate on how to be more productive. Some stick-in-the-mud professionals still set a score by creating to-do lists, while others prefer using a productivity app to automate their tasks. Regardless of the popular notion, do you think that to-do lists can save your time, or do they hold you back from achieving more out of the day?

Do you know That to-do lists are Counter-Productive?

Of course, there are pros and cons to everything. However, with to-do lists, there are significant cons which are often overlooked by unsuccessful people.

For instance, a to-do list can throw you in the procrastination mode. How many times have you felt like sitting down and organizing everything in a task list? I have done it a couple of times. It feels great. However in reality, scribbling off a few notes here and there felt way easier than actually getting myself to start working on them.

You might have noticed that even when you do work hard to craft your to-do list, there are things still left unchecked at the end of the day.

One primary reason that to-do list items remain unchecked is because there is nothing to keep count of. The 10-hour task sits side by side 10-minute details which often get overlooked.

Although this might seem like a small thing when ignored, the items off the to-do list can make you crazy. Moreover, you’ll feel paralyzed while doing tasks.

Of course, some people still find to-do lists extremely productive. However, for the rest of the people, you must devise a productive system which can help you progress without worrying about the to-do list.

Calander is Your Lifeline

Daniel Markowitz in a Harward study presented an alternative to the to-do list, which he called “living in your calendar.” Take all those tasks from the to-do list and put them into your calendar.

If you schedule tasks, there will be no need for a to-do list. Many people feel that assigning a specific time to activities help them to stay focused on a task and they are more likely to accomplish the task in less time.

When you have everything in front of you, it will be easy for you to prioritize the tasks, say ‘yes’ too important tasks and say ‘no’ to everything that consumes your energy.

Minute Might Help

One reason that your to-do list fills up quickly is that you put everything on that list. Not everything is worth stressing for. In this regards, you can take help from the 2-min rule which can eliminate most of the mundane tasks from the list.

When you start analyzing tasks by 2-min rule, it will be easy for you to prioritize tasks based upon their importance. This simple strategy will cut-off most of the tasks from your list which are not even important at all. Eventually, you’ll that these tasks don’t need any lists at all.

Focus on Developing Healthy Habits

Most people don’t even realize this that it is not big things that take your time; it is those tiny things that you add in your to-do list which steal away all your time. Things like, “cleaning the house,” “deleting irrelevant emails,” or even “buying groceries.” These are not big tasks, but you add them into your to-do list because you want them done.

At this moment habits take charge. Spend around 30 minutes every evening or even in the morning to assign days for things. For instance, you can set weekends to buy groceries, or you can return phone calls on Mondays after lunch.

Once you’re in the healthy habit of doing things which are helping you to achieve your goals, it will be easy for you to eliminate anything which is unproductive to you.

Delegate or Automate the Small stuff

No, it is not necessary for you to take the trash out of your office or to do the dishes. Alternatively, even check all the emails. You can always delegate those small things. You can use an online productivity tool to assign tasks to idle resources and make good use out of the resources.

When you limit your tasks, it will be easy for you to put those tasks on paper and do them based upon the priority of each task.

A good thing is to take the to do list and convert it into task and assign then to the relevant people. The good news is that with TaskQue you can take the to do list and convert it into individual tasks. Here is your to do list.

Just click on Convert to task button and assign all your important tasks.

Yes. I agree it might not be easy at first, but once you develop a habit of delegating tasks which are taking too much of your energy, it will help your business grow fast.

Over to you

It is time when I am supposed to say goodbye to you so that you can start your day with a new soul. Bring out the best of yourself at work. Steal the attention of your customers and make your employees fall in love with the way you use your time.