Top 5 Time Tracking Software for Managing Remote Employees


A time tracking software is known to increase productivity by making operations transparent. Whether you are a freelancer, a small business owner or a part of a large enterprise – it gives you a key insight into how time is being spent. After all, time is money and not utilizing it prudently may greatly affect your revenue. Having a time tracking app becomes even more important when you have team members working remotely. We have compiled a list of the 5 best time tracking apps for managing remote employees:

Easy time/ expense tracking and an intuitive UI make AccountSight the best time tracking app. One of its most prominent features is that it has invoicing integrated with PayPal and calendars integrated with MS Outlook. It also supports QuickBooks for Invoice generation. Small businesses and startups with remote working employees can benefit the most from AccountSight.

It is mobile compatible which enables easy reporting and timesheet log entry. The tab-based interface makes finding data easy which facilitates invoice generation. It also provides time details down to the second with its stop-watch feature.

If you’re looking for a software that allows customization, actiTIME is your best bet. It allows generation of custom reports that give valuable information about your remote employee’s productivity. It also gives you the flexibility to choose features as per your requirements.

One of its unique features is that it keeps a record of overtime hours which makes it easy to generate overtime pay for all the eligible employees. actTIME is also helpful in project management with its detailed reports on project costs. The employees can easily enter sick leaves and time off details which helps in estimating task completion.

This software is ideal for bigger organizations handling multiple projects and remote teams simultaneously. 10,000ft makes resource management easy by showing what an employee is working. This provides details about available resources which helps project management.

With 10,000ft every project gets a different dashboard reflecting all the details of ongoing tasks and records of completed tasks. It becomes easy to assign work to remote employees based on this information. Additionally, entering these details in the app is easy due to its simple interface. 

As suggested by the name, ActiveCollab facilitates collaboration along with time tracking and project management. The project progress is easy to track which helps you organize and distribute tasks among team members. Besides this, ActiveCollab also has management tools that provide error-free billing as it links time records with invoices. This is integrated with a payment gateway, making payments faster.

ActiveCollab allows employees to collaborate and share files, have real-time discussions and provide feedback. It is also a preferable choice due to features like a centralized view of ongoing task lists and recurring tasks. 

AttendLab time tracking app is cloud based and mobile compatible. It helps in managing employees working across different locations with its easy to use interface. You can easily check statistics with the help of a dashboard and generate customizable reports.

Its most unique features are face recognition and biometric recognition. The app verifies uploaded pictures and recognizes faces with 100% accuracy. AttendLab’s features also include exporting of timesheets in CSV, Excel or PDF file formats. Its interface is user friendly which easily allows giving permissions to users for viewing project data.


A good time tracking software is crucial in helping your employees become more productive and get things done faster. The above mentioned software can easily help you achieve this. If you are already using one of these, we’d love to know your experience in the comments!