Top Social Media Security Tips


As an organization, both your professional business social media accounts and that of your employees are incredibly important to maintaining a professional appearance. Below, we will be going over some of the top social media security tips to implement.

Here’s Top Social Media Security Tips:

  1. Create A Social Media Policy.

When it comes to social media, you should have a social media policy to ensure that all of your employees adhere to it. Without having a policy in place, you risk bad public relations incidents and other issues that could be easily avoided. When coming up with your policy, you want to include the following.

Brand Guidelines: You want to have brand guidelines that dictate how you should be talking about your company on social media and how to speak to your audience.

Rules On Use: You want to have employees that understand the strict rules related to confidentiality and their personal social media usage.

Responsibilities: You want to have clear understandings on which department is responsible for the different social media accounts as you don’t want them overlapping.

Copyright: It is important to have clear guidelines on copyright because it can end up getting your business in a lot of trouble if not followed properly.

Effective Passwords: Having effective passwords is one of the best things that you can do to keep your social media accounts as secure as possible. You should be encouraging the use of a password manager and creating randomly generated passwords.

Updating Software: Employees should be encouraged to update their devices regularly to ensure that all security vulnerabilities are patched in a timely manner.

Identifying Scams: You want to educate your employees on how to identify and avoid falling victim to common scams.

Guideline For Response: You want to have a plan in place for employees to be able to alert their superiors to security concerns.

For more details on this type of plan, you can check out our step by step guide to creating a highly effective social media policy. As a bonus, get our social media strategy guide which features different professional tips on how to effectively and safely grow your social media presence.

  1. Train Your Staff.

Your security is only going to be as strong as your weakest link. You will want to train your entire staff on the different social media best practices in order to ensure that you are able to protect your organization as well as possible. Your policy should be simple and easy to understand and the training that you offer should be informative and engaging in order to keep their attention. Along with this, you want to encourage them to ask questions if they have any in order to get the message as clear as possible.

These kinds of training sessions are going to be a great opportunity to have your entire organization review the various threats that are ongoing on social media and you will be able to discuss any of the sections that might be outdated in the policy guidelines.

Social media training is something that can help to provide your team with the tools that they need to keep their accounts secure and that allow them to operate on social media much more confidently.

  1. Limit Their Access.

When you are trying to really secure your social media efforts throughout your entire organization, you will want to limit social media access while at work. While the threats might often come from completely outside the organization, it is much more likely that one of your employees breaks protocol and ends up exposing your system or organization in some way. By effectively limiting the access that your employees have to social media and to your social accounts in general, you should be able to keep the accounts much more secure.

While you might have a lot of different teams working together to come up with marketing messages, social media posts, and customer service, it doesn’t mean that you need every employee to have direct access to posting privileges. Likewise, not everyone that is working on the accounts needs to have the account credentials in order to do their job effectively.

The best way to protect your accounts is by keeping the circle of people that have direct access to your social media account credentials as small as possible. You will want to think very carefully when granting access to certain individuals and think about why they might need it, to begin with.

As soon as you have come up with a list of people that need access, you will want to use software that allows you to effectively and securely give those people direct access. Using third-party software services will enable you to give them access to do the things that they need to do without having to give out login credentials which can put your business at risk.

You can use a VPN for added security. Take a look at mac VPN’s on

  1. Have A System In Place.

You will want to have a checks and balances system in place in order to post something on social media. No one person should have all of the power to post anything without being looked over. That way, you can review each social media post prior to its posting. After all, one tweet or post can completely ruin your business’ image or reputation.

  1. Put Someone In Charge.

You want to have someone in charge that will be your eyes and ears when it comes to handling your social media presence which will help to mitigate risk and really allow you to monitor your brand’s presence much more effectively and efficiently without having a bunch of heads butting against one another all of the time.

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