Which Type of Project Manager You Are? 4 Common Types of Project Managers


According to a global project management report, 97% of organizations believe that project management is crucial for organization success and business performance. Efficient project management plays a pivotal role in driving the business forward and helps it to grow and expand while adapting to the changing business dynamics.

For hiring the right project manager for your business, it is important to understand different types of project managers. This article will shed some light on different types of project managers and the characteristic of each type of project manager. On the other hand, project managers can easily identify which type they belong to. Let us get down to business.

Types of Project Managers

Project managers can be divided into four different types.

  1. Technical Project Manager
  2. Adventurous Project Manager
  3. Expert Project Manager
  4. Supportive Project Manager
  • Technical Project Manager

A technical project manager has complete command over project management practices. When you hand over a project to a technical project manager, you are rest assured that they will never compromise on key deliverables and key performance indicator of projects. Their attention to detail, analytical and problem solving skills combined with critical thinking and decision-making capabilities differentiate technical project managers from the rest. You can expect detailed and insightful feedback from their side every time.

  • Adventurous Project Manager

Knowing our risks provides opportunities to manage and improve our chances of success.” Roger VanScoy

The higher the risk, the higher will be the reward.” You might have heard this many times but some project manager also live by that rule. They are not afraid to throw caution to the wind and take risks. These types of project managers always keep looking for business opportunities. In some cases, the gamble might pay off but in others cases, it might not but that does not deter this type of project managers to take risks. The positive here is that this type of project managers stays inside the strategic boundaries even when they are taking risks so the risks they take are for achieving your strategic objectives.

  • Expert Project Manager

Even though, this type of project managers jump over those strategic boundaries when seeking lucrative business opportunities but they take data driven decisions, which makes the whole activity less risky as compared to adventurous project managers. They focus on reliable data to make up their mind regarding a particular business opportunity.

With experience and knowledge on their side, they can easily identify which business opportunity they should go for and which ones to let go. This type of project managers knows their way very well and challenge the existing strategy. Their focus is on convincing higher ups to go for suitable business opportunities that can pave the way for business growth with trustworthy quantitative data evidence. They are master of executing different project management methodologies to perfection in order to convert business opportunity into financial numbers.

  • Supportive Project Manager

Project management revolves around three key aspects

  1. Processes
  2. People
  3. Technology

These types of project managers lays a lot of emphasis on people but that does not mean that they neglect the other two. In fact, they integrate the other two with people in such a way that their projects deliver exceptional results. They believe in motivation and delegation and never let their team spirits dip. Supportive project managers are good listeners but also great at providing sound advice. They believe in uninterrupted communication, smooth team collaboration and are master in the art of uplifting the morale of their team member despite failures. They share a strong bond with their team members based on trust and team member return the favor by delivering exceptional performances.


These are only some common types of project managers but there could be many more depending on the criteria you are choosing to evaluate them. Each type of project manager has their own strengths and weaknesses and you have to choose one that suit your projects and help you achieve the desired project goals. Which type of project manager you are? Which type of project manager would you hire for your next project? Feel free to share your answers in comments section below.