How VPNs can help to ensure the online safety of your company?


Online security should be at the forefront of your business strategy. If it isn’t, you’ll be constantly risking catastrophic attacks. When a simple malware exploits can take your systems offline in seconds, and customer data can be transferred to the Dark Web at the click of a button, dropping the ball on security is unforgivable.

Fortunately, enhancing your business security can be as easy as downloading and installing a Virtual Private Network (VPN) app. These tools have huge security benefits for all types of business, but many have still failed to embrace them. Here are 5 great reasons for you to join the VPN crowd as soon as possible.

1. VPNs Let You Establish Secure Connections with Centralized Databases

In the modern business world, very few companies have static workforces – and many employees hardly ever step foot in their head office. Even so, key assets like customer databases, stock records, and HR data, is still held centrally (or via the Cloud), requiring workers to access it remotely. And that can be a problem.

Whenever external devices need to connect to central resources, there’s a security risk. And that risk is magnified when staff is using third party wifi networks, which is often the case.

It’s quite possible for attackers to sniff data being sent from remote workers to central offices, and that’s a potential vector for data theft. But if all employees employ VPNs to encrypt their connections, those risks are reduced significantly. So mandating VPN usage for all remote working is a great first step to solid business security.

2. Ensure Access to all Online Data, Wherever Workers Happen to Be

VPNs have another major benefit for remote workers or staff who need to travel across borders. If you’ve traveled across continents to conferences, you may have come across the issue of geo-blocking – the practice of imposing regional restrictions on commercial content.

That’s often a major problem for YouTube or Netflix users but can also affect workers who need to use streaming services, or access websites back home. With a good VPN installed, your teams will be free to roam the world, with constant access to central support, and minimal risk of disruption. That way, they can report any security issues, access assistance, and generally be available whenever required.

If you need a little guidance about how to find a good travel VPN, head here for a review of one of our favorites:

3. Guard Against Data Leaks

Data leaks are a huge issue for modern businesses of all sizes. Even relatively small eCommerce businesses need to lock down credit card details and other personal information about their customers and they are often the least prepared when they fall victim to cyber-attacks.

If you choose a VPN that has a cast iron “no-logging” policy, and its encryption level is high enough, you will instantly be protected against the most common data breaches. Check for IP leak protection as well (something that VPN buyers often overlook), and regularly assess your protection via DNS/IP leak testing or simulated attacks.

If everything is functioning properly, the encryption provided by your VPN will be almost impregnable. And when the average cost of a data leak for American small businesses runs as high as $117,000, it’s worth paying a premium for the most reputable provider you can afford.

4. VPNs Offer a Great Hedge Against Human Error

Our fourth reason to install a VPN in your business is simple: even the best-prepared employees are prone to make simple security errors, and it’s sensible to have a second line of defense as an insurance policy when those errors occur.

Of course, all companies should have tight protocols regarding passwords and what services users are permitted to access. But mistakes are made, generally with no malice intended. And it’s an endemic problem. One study of US government and military accounts found 50% of workers using “weak” and easily crackable passwords for their official email accounts. Another found that over 80% of data breaches can be traced to poor password security.

Those numbers should make all network managers sit up and take notice. And they should definitely prompt them to add a VPN above their standard security systems if they haven’t already done so.

5. Good Business VPNs Include High-Level Virus Protection

If you are serious about protecting your business from online threats, business VPNs are the way to go (stay far away from free VPNs, as they tend to log customer data, while offering inferior encryption and IP protection).

These business VPNs are slightly different to consumer-focused alternatives, generally offering more in-depth features – which usually includes some form of anti-virus capability.

For instance, AVG offers AVG Secure to go alongside its popular antivirus scanning and mitigation tools. Norton has its own Secure VPN, and Kaspersky Secure Connection fulfills the same purpose.

But why should you install a VPN and malware or virus checker, instead of just sticking to reliable antivirus tools? Put simply, the combination of a VPN and antivirus tools is proven to be more effective at neutralizing threats.

Antivirus tools aren’t perfect. In fact, some experts have argued that 75% of malware threats pass through their filters. This means that ransomware or trojans could implant themselves on key network assets, despite elite antivirus protection. But with a VPN installed, any data can be secured and kept out of reach of malware attacks.

Choose a Dependable VPN to Protect Your Business

Whether you need to allow workers to travel the world safely or use public wifi without any alarms, VPNs are an essential add-on for any business. Effective solutions are available at reasonable prices, and they will seem a bargain the next time you read about a competitor being crippled by an avoidable malware attack or data leak.

So, find a VPN supplier you can trust, and explore what they have to offer. From NordVPN to SurfShark, good options aren’t hard to find.

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