How to Determine the Worth of a Project Manager?


Project management community has expanded to multiple channels including social media and dedicated discussion forums. Project is number 1 forum of project managers. TaskQue has conducted a survey about the debating question “What is the worth of a project manager?”. Emerging and experienced project managers have participated in this survey. Following are the responses from the research.

Eduard Hernandez, a project leader in Avantium, Amsterdam says:

Just like in any other role, by explicitly explaining what has been achieved and not what has been done. I.e.
a. Managed a project in the O&G industry with major company in the field

b. Led a cross-functional international team in a multi-million dollar project, completed on time and below budget

Option b. sells much better the worth of a PM.

Andrew Craig, senior business consultant at Chubb, USA says,

Pretty much what Eduard eluded to … results, achievements, and value. But, I would also say that goals and demeanor are just as much a factor.

What is your story …

Sergio Luts Conte, Senior portfolio manager in Argentina says:

With all my due respect, there is a big mistake in your question or your approach (sorry if I misunderstood), Each person in this world perform project management activities from the time they wake up to the time the go to bed. So, forget about thinking or being aware about competition. If you are talking about to perform project management as a role inside an organization the only way to answer your question is taking into account the context where you will perform it. With like value are subjective matters, you have to put them into objective matter.

Ruben Dario, PM specialist in Colmbia says:

I think every PM has its own value, and each has its areas of strength and knowledge

When the industry is hiring a PM, they seek to meet their needs, and there are many circumstances that must be taken into account, such as scope, budget to hire, etc.

Stephane Parent, Sr. manager in PEI, Canada says:

Project management skills are the basics. What you bring along those skills is your value addition: industry knowledge, networking, technical skills, …

Naomi Caietti, manager director in USA says:


Certainly a question. Every PM looking for job, promotion or transition should consider and understand what you are looking for in your next gig. Personally, I’d suggest that your value lies in your brand, influence and reputation; it precedes you and most recruiter know more about you than perhaps you know about the hiring company and manager whose job needs to be filled. Better to be in charge and know your value and what sets you apart from your competition; pick the job/manager/role with right fit and you will add value.

Demetrius Williams, CEO at LLC Madison,USA says:

Eduard makes a very good point. Results are what companies seek.

Maria Isabel, Support engineer at SERCO says:

I agree with Eduard.
From my little experience as technical interviewer for BAs and PMs, I would add: How the candidate fits to the Organization, to its methodologies, to the teams and the projects he will be managing. In my particular case we would discard very experienced knowledgeable candidates because he did not have experience in:- A particular methodology we used e.g. Agile, PMP, Six Sigma

– Working with international globally distributed teams e.g.. managing the projects remotely via conference/web session, reaching agreements/resolutions, needing to keep up-to-date information available in a central place, managing the handover of activities and information between shifts

– Understanding and appreciating diversity e.g. cultural awareness, understanding accents…

– Working in a Matrix Organization with scarce resources e.g. understanding the additional importance of building strong long lasting relationships with team members, willingness to assist team members

– Working in a flat Organization e.g. understanding escalation is last resort, the importance of communicating regularly and openly with senior stakeholders and project sponsor

– Understanding importance of regulations in the sector e.g. risk management, budget control

And we would also ask the candidate if he would be comfortable and enjoy working in this environment.

Todd Reichelt, product management geek in USA says:

Results certainly are key. I also look for how the individual is keeping themselves current in the industry. What classes have they taken recently? Do they have other certifications? When competition is keen, all things being equal, where is the separator?

It was all from our side.  Please share your views how much do agree with the determination of worth of PM.