Zhipping – Your Heavy Equipment Made Easy


If you are in the business involving heavy equipment (tractors, backhoes, forklifts, construction equipment and other machineries) and need to transport them then Zhipping is the answer. Through Zhipping, you can find the right company for your heavy equipment transport. They will help your heavy equipment transport very easy. The company understand your worries about safety and timely delivery, hence it will help you find the right transport service you need, one that has the expertise and experience. They will provide fast and secure transport service to a wide range of destinations across the country and ensure a quality service.  You don’t have to worry about safety when you choose these transports and shipment companies to do your heavy equipment transport. Safe and Reliable Heavy Equipment transport is guaranteed. Zhipping will make sure that all the things you need for your heavy equipment transport is taken care off. Zhipping will help you with freight insurance processing and provide you the best trucking options for your shipment needs.

In Heavy equipment transports, needs special freight carriers and sometimes specialize trailers to haul certain equipment items. Heavy equipment transport also requires special handling and oversize load permits.

Zhipping can find you the right heavy hauls specialist to make sure that your heavy equipment shipment is smoothly and efficiently delivered. Zhipping will also advise you on how to prepare your machineries and about the papers required for transporting oversize loads. The types of heavy equipment that are usually transported are as follows:

  • Military Equipment
  • Batch Equipment
  • Construction Equipment
  • Mining Equipment
  • Oilfield Equipment
  • Commercial Equipment
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Aggregate Equipment

Through Zhipping, transporting your heavy equipment has never been that easy. You can talk directly with transporters. You can review their history, read customer’s review and analyze their rates. It is all about making informed decision and Zhipping will help you with it. Zhipping values customer service so call us and a customer service agent will be willing to help you through the entire process. They are all experts in logistics and well trained to provide you with the most cost-efficient and reliable heavy equipment transport available. All your questions will be entertained.  If you call right away you will be connected to a professional agent that will assist you with your heavy equipment transport needs. But you can also chose to fill out an online quote.

Our online quote has five easy to follow steps;

  • Get a free shipment quote,
  • order your heavy equipment transport on line,
  • assignment of heavy equipment transporter,
  • heavy equipment transporter will call you and show to pick up your heavy equipment
  • delivery of your heavy equipment

Zhipping will only get basic information which are location where you will transport your heavy equipment and where is your heavy equipment being shipped. Other information include dates for transport, heavy equipment model and nay special requirement.  Based on these dimensions, Zhipping will determine how he best way to transport your heavy equipment.

For a cost efficient heavy equipment transport, you need avoid wide-load designation and minimize height as much as possible as these will require you pay extra for hauling companies and pay again for extra permit. If you were transporting a crane or an excavator for example, consider retracting tall boom or bucket or removing it entirely. This will allow you to avoid the unit being designated as an oversize load. In many cases, it is better to send to shipment separately to avoid being designated as wide load shipment. Also prepare the equipment for the move, the transport service company will take care of the strapping and securing but prepping the heavy equipment is your responsibility.

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