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Top 5 CV Writing Tips

Your CV will be the decision-maker on whether you will secure an interview or not, which is why it is vital that this document...
serial killer image

Before You Sweep Serial Killers Under the Carpet, Here Are 7 Career Lessons To...

They can see you. They can smell your fear. They know about you & your family more than you know about yourself. People might...
Dwindling Job Market

How to Master Laser-Sharp Focus to Thrive in a Dwindling Job Market

“The best way to appreciate your job is to imagine yourself without one.”Oscar Wilde – Writer and PoetWe have entered the third decade in...

Break the Shackles and Enhance your Career with these Infallible Nuggets of Wisdom

Last week, I gave a talk for the Young Leader Series. Normally, I talk about startups and Entrepreneurs, so this was a unique experience...
How a Great Resume can Help Women Get that Interview

How a Great Resume can Help Women Get that Interview

The days of simply sending your resume to an employer, getting a call and shaking hands at the interview before agreeing on a start...

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