How Project Management Is Linked With Marketing Success of Your Organization

How marketing and project management is linked

Project management is quite in-depth art and a combination of skills which presents quite challenging task for any organization and an even bigger task is to source really skillful and experienced project management professional. Good project manager brings an immense amount of value for any organization as skills are applicable in wide array of fields from software development to construction companies, most of the project management concepts are similar for most of the business areas which is why each venture has requirement of a good project manager who can understand nature of the project and can bring value to it.

Marketing department of all businesses in this current digital age can specifically become great beneficiary of project management principles because they tend to run marketing campaigns for long terms on almost daily basis and most of these campaigns have timelines, milestones and budget constraints which require good and technical management, with better inferences as well as better defined path, so that desired outcomes can be achieved while being in budgets.

Management Made Easier

As management has great influence in almost every field, it is also evident that with the boom of the digital era, it has gotten quite easy to manage most of the operations and management processes. Now an entrepreneur can easily manage his/her business plan monitoring needs by using task management software because everything can now be done in an automated manner. Even experienced project managers tend to use tools and applications to foresee work getting done. In current era it has gotten quite easier to perform most difficult and time-consuming jobs so easily as one could have never imagined, only thing a professional project manager needs to do is to get himself registered in some online course which describes you how to use these tools or try watching YouTube videos being available on the subject.

automation in management

Now everybody has started using tools and with increasing popularity, many people tend to share their experiences as well. Even acknowledged researchers and writers are writing on the subject, about what are best free team collaboration and task management tools available in the market. Here is the tweet by @onlinefigure which recently come to me.

task management software tweet

Project management software is easy to use but they also require training otherwise without unlocking full capabilities of what an application can do, many entrepreneurs are faced with problems such as charting issues. To resolve issues people would be required to properly understand features of software like Microsoft Project.

Project Management tools other benefits

 Better Team Collaboration and Reporting

Project and task management tools like TaskQue, work as a great source for saving an incredible amount of time through making team collaboration better by providing a central platform for all the communication to be done. Marketers can also benefit from options such as tracking success and assigning tasks to the team members. At first marketing teams and scrum masters used to spend a lot of time in reporting progress on the projects but now because of having better integration and collaboration much time is saved which can be utilized for bringing improvements.

Assigning tasks to team


Flexible Approach

Having your data stored in software like MS Excel helps greatly in responding to continuously changing environment and marketing plans. Project management software provides you with the continuous progress on the ongoing projects while having data stored in MS Excel makes team enable in having a more flexible approach to changes.

data management in ms excel


Setting prioritization to each task makes it much easier for marketers to categorize what is to be done earlier. Normally there are numerous campaigns going on and it becomes a difficult task to handle everything and perform tasks on an urgent basis which have high priority, but this problem can now be addressed with task management applications which provide an option to set priority for each assigned task.

setting prioritization for to dos

Real-time feedback

Tools like mention have made it incredibly easy for all the marketers to track down online communications happening about their brand, as feedback by your target audience is the greatest asset to thrive and remain successful in the business. Digital communication monitoring is all any brand has to look forward, for prospering in this ever-transforming digital era.

feedback of performance in an organization



Project management is a wide subject and its principles are now applicable to a greater array of professions. Out of many different departments of an organization, marketing can be a great beneficiary of project management because of its changing nature of work and how marketing department works in a current digital epoch.  Normally marketing professionals are faced with challenges such as reporting, inferences and campaign timelines all of which require a project manager who can manage things in a proper manner and can define with inferences that when campaigns are likely to be more fruitful.

It is quite difficult for marketing professionals to master both arts marketing and project management but they can address this issue by utilizing project management tools available in the market to make their work go efficiently while keeping costs under control. Now applications and software are available to perform every task, you just need to master using them by watching simple tutorials on YouTube and other professional channels available in order to build a better understanding of how things get done with their help.