Anatomy of an Ideal Project Manager


Project manager is a person who delivers with consistency. Time management, resource management and effective budget allocation to control costs and reduce wastage are some of the basic requirements that a project manager have to fulfill. Those individuals who understand the amalgamation of empathy with leadership and human skills tops the list of successful project managers.

“Effective project managers understand the importance of people skills along with the professional knowledge that they put to work in any project,” says Mark Brendon, Head of development team, TaskQue. “If you’re not managing your users, stakeholders, you could deliver on budget, but you might not meet their needs, and they’ll remain unsatisfied.”

To effectively portray what project management is and what qualities do the successful project manager carry in them, here is a detailed infographic that also talk about the growing demand of project management as a leading career path around the globe. Have a look!

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