Why You Will Need A Solid Link Building Campaign In 2020


There are many ways to attract traffic to your website. The scope of search engine optimization is vast and there are many tools and methods at your disposal to help you achieve your goals. And while it might seem like a good thing to have a lot of options, it’s easy to get lost in deciding which techniques will benefit your campaign.

It’s for this reason that you need to identify the core methods that you can rely on, despite the ever-changing nature of SEO. Link building is one of those core methods that you need to master. Here’s why:

Relationship Building

First and foremost, link building is all about forming mutually-beneficial relationships with other websites, as well as both sets of audiences. When a website links to another credible website, the traffic on one site may click through to the cited website if the content is compelling enough to make the reader want to learn more. This means that site owners can collaborate in a manner that allows them to create content that contains a more in-depth answer to a user’s questions.

Referral Traffic

When websites link to each other, they also help generate traffic for one another. This is especially true if both websites are not only credible sources in their niche, but also when the content is written well. When a website has a good reputation, the links it includes in its content are bound to enjoy a similar credibility. This makes regular link acquisition to improve SEO a vital part of any digital marketing campaign.

Brand Exposure

Link building allows your brand to showcase its expertise in its chosen niche through its content. Again, the use of credible sources of information and metrics not only helps your brand establish itself as an authority in its niche, but also helps spread the word through various channels by enabling you to extend your reach even on other websites.

Content Relevance

This is especially important given how artificial intelligence is set to alter the digital marketing space with an added emphasis on content relevance and task accomplishment. Link building is an opportunity for content creators to further improve their exposition of an idea and to provide their readers with additional information to support their main idea.

Well-written content will be of prime importance in the coming artificial intelligence age because of how it’s going to be able to evaluate content more accurately, which means that content with profound answers is going to be more favored than content with only generic answers.

Link building is a staple SEO technique that every digital marketer needs to master. Even as the industry has a tendency to change rapidly, there will always be a few key points to remember. The most important one being the fact that Google is big on user experience. By keeping this in mind, you’re going to have a better idea of how to get ranked higher by putting yourself in the shoes of your website visitors.


  1. I totally agree with you on this…Link building helps to build your site’s SEO. Guest posting on other websites with links back to your own site is also a good way to promote your link.