Picking Office Space – Tips and Tricks


By now we should all know about the importance of office space and how it can make or break a business. An office is so much more than a space for employees to knuckle down and complete their work in silence or a place where clients can come to attend important meetings.

For instance, did you know that 97% of workers relate office ambiance and interiors to whether or not their boss values them? Or that workers in offices with an abundance of natural sunlight and greenery are 15% more creative?

Also, office space can win or lose clients and can mean the difference between employees who resign after a month and those who stick with the business until they retire. That’s why it’s so important to pick the right office space for you, your clients, your employees and your business as a whole.

Picking the ideal office space for your business is no easy task. But with these top tips and tricks, it’s a whole lot easier.

 4 Top Tips and Tricks for Picking Office Space

1. Don’t be Afraid to Negotiate

Everything in business has a price. And that price is always negotiable. Most of the time, the rental price advertised is what the landlord ideally wants for the space. But they’re used to compromising, so feel free to negotiate the rent, even as much as 5% or 20% below the asking price.

Other than negotiating the monthly rental amount, you can also request a discount on long-term lease agreements. For example, if you’re about to sign a one-year lease, ask that either the first or last month’s rent is free. While this may sound cheeky, it’s a common practice.

2. Keep Your Employees in Mind

Your office needs to be based in a centralized location. Where do the majority of your employees live? What transport options are available to them? How easy will it be for employees to commute to and from your office on a daily basis?

These are all questions you need to ask yourself when searching for office space. Not only will having an office in a centralized location make life easier for your employees but it will help you to retain talent—both existing and future.

3. Call in The Pros

There are companies out there such as The Jeff Tabor Group that exist for the sole purpose of finding business owners like you the office space of their dreams at a reasonable price. These companies will not only source potential locations for you but will negotiate the rental terms on your behalf.

Hire tenant representation to reduce your stress in finding locations, setting up viewings and maneuvering your way around complicated lease language. You can also ask such companies to review your existing lease at no charge.

4. Consider Alternatives

More business owners are experiencing the appeal of co-working office space first-hand. Before you commit to renting out office space of your own, it’s worth considering alternative options such as coworking office space, virtual office space and even project offices.

Each of the alternative office space options we mentioned come with many benefits and a handful of drawbacks. Sure, this option might not work for everyone’s business. But who is to say one won’t work for yours?

Final Thoughts

Picking the right office space for your needs is important for every single person who is involved in your business. This is why picking the right office space is something you need to dedicate an appropriate amount of time, effort and money to.

Keep our tips and tricks in mind and before you know it you’ll be conducting your business from your dream office space.