First Impression Matters: 5 Top Categories of Resumes & Why You Need A Strong Resume


You may have all the required skills, education, and expertise for a suitable job opening that you want to apply for, but you are not the only one who fulfills the requirements of the recruiter. Poorly formatted resume with even a single error can disqualify you from the race. The only thing that can make you stand out among all the candidates is a potent resume with your name on it.

The reason for getting fewer or no response from the recruiters is your generic resume template. In a professional world, a highly-customized resume can land you your dream job. So, which resume style suits you? It all depends upon your education, industry and professional experience.

From entry-level to professional, the following are the 5 major categories in which a resume can be divided with a brief introduction.

  1. Entry-level Resume

An entry-level resume is required by those people who have less than 2 years of work experience and require a better job or career change. This task is not easy at all, as writing a resume in such a manner that convinces the person evaluating them is a big ask. Experienced and proficient resume writers can draft your resume in such a way that even your minor job experience is highlighted aptly.

Through an entry-level resume, you can get a job in any company, even with little or no experience. Also, if you don’t have appropriate experience to show, you can showcase your qualifications, talent, and even a little bit of experience and glorify it so that to create a good impression for the recruiter.

  1. Executive Resume

Being a top executive and sustaining your position as the department/company head is not easy. And when you are looking to switch the job for a better one, it is essential to have a resume that speaks volumes everything you have done in the past. All past achievements should are mentioned in an executive resume that complements their status and caliber. If you, too, are looking for such a resume, then we can help you get one based on years of experience of our efficient resume writers.

You need to realize the importance of getting an updated resume if you are planning to switch your current job for a better one. If you are finding it difficult, you can always check out some free professional resume samples for all the help you need.

  1. Infographic Resume

The Infographic resume also called a Visual resume, takes the graph of your resume to an altogether new level. The use of graphics, charts, pictures, etc. gives your resume a rich feel and makes it very interesting to read. This is done to attract the attention of the person evaluating the resumes.

It is a well-known fact that any company, depending on the type of company and nature of the job, receives hundreds or thousands of resumes, so it is practically impossible for the evaluator to go through every resume in detail. So the resume with the most striking features will steal the limelight from all the others.

In the end, It is the presentation that counts, and that’s exactly how an infographic/visual resume standout in the crowd.

  1. Professional Resume

As a professional person having more than 5 years of experience, you should rightly expect a new job with a considerably higher salary, more benefits, and a senior position. But to get all this, you have to be competent and performed exceptionally well throughout your career.  And to top it all, a resume that focuses on this aspect and deftly describes your experience and capabilities.

When you try to build your resume, it’ll be easy for you if you have to add the current job experience. But composing a resume from scratch is not an easy thing to do. That’s why you need expert resume writers who can offer you excellent support so that you get that life-changing interview call .

  1. Student’s Resume

There is a common misconception among students and other people that until you get the degree, you can’t have a resume. This is not true as student resumes deal with precisely this scenario. You can make a resume while you are still enrolled in a college/university respective programs.

Having no relevant work experience is definitely a matter of concern for you, as companies tend to prefer someone with some basic knowledge about the company’s working and the products. But at the same time, there are various companies that require fresh graduates for the job openings they have. It depends on the nature of the job and industry in which these companies operate.

In a students’ resume, you need to highlight what you have done in your academics over the years so that the areas in which you excel are emphasized most prominently. Your internships or part-time jobs play a crucial role in deciding your fate in job hunting.

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